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All your shares, ETFs & certificates in one place

Our Portfolio function gives you fast, easy access to your brokerage accounts anytime in one place.

Multiple brokerage accounts? No problem.

Stay connected with your brokerage accounts.

Check the performance of your portfolios no matter where you are.

Product discovery and position management all under one roof.

Your security matters to us

Log in quickly and securely via your phone, tablet or computer.

We never see usernames or passwords for external linked brokerage accounts.

Your user credentials will be securely stored by an independent, BaFin-regulated account information service provider.

Helping you organise your investments

Link external brokerage accounts to see your investments all in one place.

Smart tools can help you see your financial products clearly in a beautiful design.

The more brokerage accounts you link, the better your overview across all your portfolios.

Built to be on your side

Real-time data for more than 1+ million certificates

Easy access to email / phone support

Continuous improvements and new features

How our Portfolio function stacks up

Many other apps allow you to aggregate your current accounts and billing. With our Portfolio function your financial investments can be aggregated just as easily. 

Portfolio functionTypical finance appTypical brokerExcel
Aggregate several portfolios
Direct link to +1 million certificates
Real-time update for certificates / /
Mobile, Tablet & Desktop
No access to brokerage credentials /

We’re here to help you make the most of your investments

How does it work?

GS Markets works with finAPI GmbH, a BaFin-supervised company, so you can link your online brokerage account within Below you will find a selection of answers to some frequently asked questions.

How is able to access my brokerage accounts?

When you link your brokerage accounts to, you are doing this by using a service provided by finAPI GmbH, a BaFin regulated account information service provider. In order for to display your portfolio details, finAPI GmbH uses your credentials to connect to your broker and retrieve your brokerage positions. finAPI GmbH then forwards your portfolio holdings to which displays it to you.

I don’t want to give away my brokerage credentials; can I still use this service?

We understand your concerns. The many features we offer can only be used if brokerage portfolio information from your broker can be retrieved. This will require that you share your brokerage credentials with finAPI. Some points you should consider:

– Goldman Sachs will never see or store your credentials

– finAPI GmbH is a BaFin regulated account information service provider that supports many of the apps you might be using already today (e.g. checking account overviews, tax and accounting software, etc.)

– Your credentials can only be used for accessing your brokerage accounts in a read-only mode. This means that at no time finAPI or Goldman Sachs would be able to trigger any transactions

Is my data shared with Schufa for credit checks?

No, finAPI GmbH only happens to be a subsidiary of SCHUFA Holding AG.

Am I opening a brokerage account with Goldman Sachs by using the Portfolio function?

No – you merely aggregate your portfolio holdings for viewing in one place on

Does Goldman Sachs see the positions I am holding?

Yes – we will save your portfolio holding data to allow you to use the service. We also aggregate the information we receive from you with the data of all other users in an anonymised way to be able to understand the needs of our users in line with our Privacy Policy.

Can I unlink my brokerage account from

Yes – just use the “unlink” function to remove the linkage to your brokerage account and have finAPI GmbH automatically delete your account information and your account credentials as well. You can also delete your altogether which will also unlink all your brokers and initiate the deletion of all your data held by finAPI GmbH.

Is this an app? Do I need to download anything?

No, this is not an app. Just open in the browser of your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Is the use free?

Yes – it is 100% free to use.

Can you tell me more about the security practices in place?

We make it a priority to protect your privacy and safeguard your information. That is why we have implemented a variety of services, features, and policies to keep your brokerage account information that is shared with us secure. Please know that when you link an external brokerage account to, we never see your username or password. Also, rest assured that we never sell your data. 

Further information can be found in the GS Markets Portfolio Terms and Conditions and in our Privacy Policy.

In addition, please refer to finAPI GmbH’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for further information about their security measures. 

Who can use the Portfolio function?

Anyone who is a registered user of can use it. We will be trialling new features exclusively with our Gold Tier users. 

My broker is not supported, what should I do?

When attempting to link your brokerage account, if your broker is not supported, please send us a short email to We’ll use this information to improve the portfolio function over time. 

My brokerage provider is listed as being supported, but I’m still having trouble with linking.

If you are unable to link to a supported broker using your credentials, it’s possible that your institution is making changes on their end that may disrupt the ability to link to In any case, please call us directly on 0800 / 674 63 67 or send us an email to so we can try to help you.

I have linked 2 brokers. While one did not ask me for my TAN the other did ask for my TAN. Why?

Brokers have different approaches – some will not ask you for a TAN to get read-only access, while others will. This is something each broker decides on their own.

Yesterday I have unlinked one of my brokerage accounts. I have just changed my mind and linked it again now. While I was asked for a TAN the first time I linked my brokerage account, I was not asked for a TAN just now anymore. Are you saving this data?

No, we are not saving your TAN. However, some brokers recognise that you have provided a TAN for your read-only access recently – generally up to the last 90 days. As such, your broker will not always ask you to provide a TAN if you have linked, unlinked and then linked again your brokerage account.

I have linked my brokerage account but I cannot find the trade history. Why?

As of December 2020, this feature is not offered. As part of our roadmap we are constantly evaluating new features to be added – if you have any suggestions, we are keen to hear them: or 0800 / 674 63 67. 

I have more questions, who can help?

Feel free to reach out to us directly on or on 0800 / 674 63 67.

Unless otherwise indicated the data source for Goldman Sachs products is Goldman Sachs. For products issued by other manufacturers is Infront & Börse Stuttgart.
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